Meet the Staff of Silver Eagle Auto Mall

Mike McCoy - General Manager


We are proud to call Mr. Mike McCoy our commander in chief! An honest hardworking man with good family values and a positive outlook and approach on life's obstacles!  Born and raised in Indiana! Midwestern through and through! Huge Colts fan! (cut him some slack)!!  Mike truly believes that customers are the most important asset we have and says, "If we provide our customers with the highest level of service for all their automotive needs, they will be our customers for life," And this belief manifests itself in every employee of our dealership! If you have any questions or if there is anything Mike can do for you he can be reached at 816-741-4588                

Rob Boll - Sales Manager



Kelley Schilb - Asst. Finance Manager


One of our longest tenured employees! Trusted honest and hardworking! We are proud to have him on board! Call him regarding financing questions or concerns 816-741-4588   

Stephen Mccutchen - Sales Consultant


Stephen joined the dealership in the fall of 2008. Stephen will tell you that he has found a happy home here. After living in the Kansas City area his entire life and entering the business in late 2004. We are glad to have him on our team. As a Sales Consultant, Stephen is a sensitive and hard working man who will give the extra effort to help his clients. We are very proud to have him as part of our team! He can be reached at (816) 746-0042 or text him @ (816) 645-6511.

Ana Albor - Customer service-translator


Ana has been in the car business for 3 years! She is a bilingual speaker and is involved with our Hispanic customer base. She has been a great addition to our team!

Juan Garza - Sales


Juan has been has been here at Silver Eagle for 10 years!! He works really well with our Hispanic base. He also a Cowboys fan... So go easy on him!! Call at 816-741-6645                    

Jim Kringle - Salesperson


Jim Kringle has been with the dealership for 12 years! Jim loves his job because he enjoys meeting new people and helping them find the right car to fit their automobile needs! Jim believes in building long term relationships based on trust and integrity, and "customer hospitality". Call or text anytime at 816-885-7702

George Pickering - Sales Consultant


George joined the dealership in the Spring of 2009. He is the definition of a true financial specialist. Having George's positive attitude in the auto industry can really make a difference. He takes the time to learn a customers needs. And takes action! Give George a chance to earn your business. He can be reached at (816) 746-0042 or text @ (816) 389-7892.

MIKE BAIER - Salesman


  •                           Mr. Mike Baier has been with our dealership since 1999 has a huge repeat customer base! If you don't know him he knows you!  An avid hunter and prospector. Call 816-741-6645

Tony Monterrosa - Sales


 Tony has been serving the Spanish community for 20 years . He is here to answer any questions you might have on purchasing a vehicle from Silver Eagle!   

Pat Wilson - Wholesale Buyer


Pat Wilson! This man is legendary! He is full of knowledge and stories! Our wholesale buyer. Shakes the bushes and is constantly on the search for your next vehicle!!!



            Mike AKA WAYNE is A real car enthusiast and started driving before he even had a driver's license. Wayne relies on his 10 plus years of experience as a sales consultant involved with new, classic, collectable and everyday pre-owned cars to ensure that you have a positive and worthwhile experience purchasing the vehicle that meets your needs. Call 816-741-6645            

Recon Staff - Making them look Good!


Jose, Gerardo and hot rod. Second to None. Other Dealers Don't Call! They are the best....



 Call her for financing questions or concerns. A bilingual speaker! Ready to help! 816-741-4588   

Rick Pelsor, Jr. - Service Technician


Rick has been in the service department for over 15 years. He is a Certified Inspector by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Bob the mechanic - Service tech


Bob the builder! This man has got some stories! Fast loud and proud! Owns a ranchero! What else can I say...

Rony Orozco - Service tech


Hobbies include cars, cars and more cars!!!! Loves a good nice smooth ride of a Lincoln!!! Rony has been with our dealership for a little over a year now!

Barry Morris - Service Manager


  • Barry has been with the dealership for over 18 Years. He is responsible for getting the cars ready to sell. Barry is a Certified Inspector by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. He is also our head mechanic! If he doesn't know the answer he will find it!!    

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